Monday, March 28, 2011

What Does Original Content Mean to Google?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the term "original content", the reason being that people interpret things differently and that is just life. If you are reading this you are interested in original content and what it means in the Google world. It is simple, original content in the Google world means that the content is one of a kind. Here is a link to Google's guidelines when it comes to little or no original content Google Web Master Central.

The terms original and little content are related but they mean different things, in this post we are just talking about the meaning of original content. I have heard some people say that original means that they wrote the content themselves and that the content is full of valuable information, which makes sense and is part of the definition of original content but missing what is important to a search engine, multiple and non repeating results. Put yourself in the search engine's shoes and think about what you want your users' experience to be, think about when you search and get 5 different web sites with the same article and how it makes you feel. I like to read different articles on the same subject because it works as a confirmation for me that the information is true. I read each writer's point of view and weight out the pros and cons before coming to a decision of which view I will agree with and support. Google wants to be known for quality content and wants to give users the results they seek and they know through user feedback that most users do not appreciate getting the same article on multiple web sites (especially if that article is of low quality or does not offer the solution they seek).

I know what you are thinking, my article is not low quality and it is full of references that give it credibility. I know that you worked hard but how about people who do not know you? The millions of people performing searches each day? It all comes back to trust, and as you know trust doesn't come automatic, it is something you need to build. Don't take it personal, just remember if you want to rank high on Google do it the right way and follow the Google rules and know their language.

A word about the Panda update: I have read that the penalty goes to the site which has the copy of the original article and not the site that has the original article.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Google Panda Algorithm Calls For a Site Audit

You guys have probably heard of the new Google Panda algorithm by now, if you haven't here is the what the update means to you. Basically Google is taking action against duplicate content on the web. They have expressed their dislike of duplicate content for some time, but now they mean business. Sites with high PR's who have not complied have been penalized and their PR has dropped drastically.

I know there are many sites and blogs that say PR is not important, but let me ask you this: Do you care about your site appearing in Google and hopefully closer to the first page? I do and in this case PR is important. Yes there are other factors and methods to get web traffic, but we are talking about Google traffic here. This post is not meant for those bloggers out there who are the sole authors of their blogs writing only unique content. This post is meant for those who receive guest posts or those who have borrowed content from article marketing sites.

Everybody makes mistakes, we are human we are allowed mistakes. This is why I am encouraging you to conduct a site audit. I receive guest posts on Gig Logo and I am going to conduct a site audit in which I will test content to see if it appears anywhere else on the web. If it does it is getting removed from Gig Logo. One of the rules on the Gig Logo site is no duplicate content; the rule has been in place from the start. Sometimes articles slip through the cracks and this is why I am conducting a site audit. I encourage all blogs that receive guest posts and those who have borrowed content from article marketing sites to do the same if they are concerned with how their site appears on Google.

Happy blogging everyone!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't Forget to Enter Your Twitter and Facebook Url's on Your Gig Logo Profiles

Update to Gig Logo profiles:

We have created 2 new fields where you can enter your Twitter and Facebook url's on your profile page. Please don't forget to update your information. By having your Twitter and Facebook url's in your Gig Logo profiles you will make it easier for other bloggers to find you over at 2 of our favorite social media channels. This will make our efforts to support each other by commenting and sharing a whole lot easier, won't you agree? Comment below and tell me all about it : )

Cambios a las perfiles de Gig Logo:

Hemos creado 2 nuevos campos donde usted puede incorporar sus URL de Twitter y de Facebook en su página del perfil. Por favor no olvide de poner al día su información. Teniendo sus URL de Twitter y de Facebook en sus perfiles de Gig Logo facilitara que otros bloggers lo encuentren en 2 de nuestros canales sociales preferidos. Esto ayudara que nuestros esfuerzos de apoyarnos el uno a otro usando comentarios y compartiendo en los canales sociales (Facebook, Twitter, etc) sean más fácil. ¿Esta de acuerdo? Por favor deje su comentario y dígame su opinión : )