Monday, June 13, 2011

Post Your Guest Blogging Opportunities on Our Fan Page Wall

Hi everyone, today's post is very short and it is basically just our new YouTube video which explains what to do on our Facebook Fan Page.

As always you can guest blog on our main site at Gig Logo
any time. Guest blogging is about getting links from various sites so we thought we would use our Facebook fan page as a way to help you find more guest blogging opportunities or to find guest bloggers.

Happy guest blogging!

Friday, June 3, 2011

What Does My Business Get Out of Guest Blogging if I Don't Own a Blog?

Let me first start by asking you the following question: Is your business on Facebook or Twitter?

If you answered "no" read the article "Why Should My Small Business Be On Facebook?". The same reasoning behind the Facebook article applies to Twitter as well. If you want to learn more about Twitter you can visit Jessica Northey's web site Finger Candy Media, she is the Twitter expert.

For those of you who are already on Facebook and Twitter, have you heard of the term microblogging? For those of you who have heard and know what the terms means, great. For those of you who haven't microblogging allows people to publish short messages to each other. An example of a microblog (a place for microblogging) is Twitter. You can also see microblogging in action on sites which are not necessarily microblogs such as Facebook in the form of the status update.

So you don't own a blog, but you own a page on a microblog or another place where you have the power to microblog (communicate messages to people) and you still don't get how guest blogging will help you get more customers? That is ok because I am here to tell you. Blogging is about writing articles that help people solve their problems based on the writer's (blogger's) own personal experience and research.

Blog owners work hard to network with each other and to connect with readers, so if you write an article for a blog and place a link to your Facebook or Twitter page in the article you will in turn get listeners (which cost the blog owner hard work to get) that will come to your Facebook or Twitter page because your article is somehow related to the customer's problem and how your business will solve this problem.

The key to getting customers is to find blogs and to write about topics that relate to your business. If you sell health products you want to write articles for blogs that are health related. You may come across blogs that discuss different topics, in that case find the topics that relate to your business.

Now let's look at the complete opposite scenario: Maybe the blog doesn't have many listeners but you do on your Facebook or Twitter page. You don't have a blog where you can communicate the amount of information you want. The blog owner is giving you the space and there is nothing wrong with you bringing them the listeners. Guest blogging is all about benefits for everyone involved.

If you are not sure how to get started guest blogging come like our Gig Logo Facebook page, where you will receive updates about blogs looking for guest bloggers and guest bloggers looking for blogs. If you are a blog owner you can post announcements on our wall about guest blogging opportunities and if you want to be a guest blogger you can post announcements about wanting to guest blog. You can also visit our main site Gig Logo and submit guest posts any time you want.

Happy blogging!