Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When Guest Posting, Why is it Important to Submit Quality Articles?

Why is it important to submit a quality guest post when guest blogging(posting)?

The answer is simple and it goes back to a phrase you probably learned in grade school, which is: "Your work reflects who you are". We talked about the pros of guest posting in the article Guest Posting - The Greatest Form of Free Advertising for Your Small Business Web Site, and we discussed building trust as an important factor in quality customer relationships.

Right about now you may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with writing and submitting a low quality guest article? Well, you probably wrote the article to either receive a backlink because you are trying to increase your site's PR or you are trying to get more web site traffic by tuning in the readers of a popular blog or web site.

In either situation you have included your web site's link in this article, and we have already established that the article is of low quality, so what does this say about anything connected to this article? Yes that's right, anything connected to this article will be viewed as low quality. How can you build customer trust (which leads to repeat business) if customers will not even touch your web site?

I hope you keep this in mind when submitting a guest article and even when writing for your own site. I don't mean to offend anyone, we do have some wonderful guests on Gig Logo who submit excellent content, but there are times when we receive some really low quality submissions. These submissions will not be published on our site. If your article is not approved we suggest you read the posting rules and guidelines and if you feel your article meets our requirements just revise the article and resubmit, we are fair and believe in second chances.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Easily Turn Your Site Into a High Google Traffic Website

Everybody wants to turn their website into a high Google traffic website. Many are confused about how to get there, and even though it is not a difficult process it does require time and work.

I have received many questions from people about how Gig Logo can do the work for them, the answer is that Gig Logo can't. Gig Logo is a tool, like a screwdriver; screwdrivers can't function without a person or machine using them correctly and for a purpose.

That said, you reached this post because you are looking for ways to increase your site traffic rank, right? So how can the Gig Logo community help you achieve your ranking goal? Easy, we encourage all of our community members to get involved and help each other by posting, commenting and sharing content.

Posting: Guest posting serves the same purpose as posting an ad on another person's website. It gets you visibility and instead of paying with money for space to place an ad you are paying with your article content. Guest posting in places such as Gig Logo, which accept guest articles is a great way to get your website noticed especially if you do not have money to pay for ads.

Commenting: Both the Gig Logo web site and blog are Dofollow which means comments count in helping you build backlinks.

Sharing: Share articles with your friends, family and colleagues(if relevant) for even more traffic. If one of the articles you share contains a link to your site more people are bound to click on it and see you and your business.

Remember, together we accomplish more so Post * Comment * Share