Saturday, February 26, 2011

What is Facebook Police aka FB Police?

Here at Gig Logo we love to have fun. We love going on Facebook and exploring it's many features and socializing with people of course. With socializing you get to learn a lot of things about people and today we are posting about something that is affecting Facebookers everywhere. Have you ever had a relative or friend who is always telling you what you should or shouldn't post on your Facebook profile? I guess they mean well, right?

Facebook police aka FB police: People who go on your or other people's Facebook profiles to monitor behavior and make sure they post their dissaproving opinion on status updates, pictures, notes, and any other thing you upload to Facebook.

There is no disrespect meant to anyone with this post. This post is actually meant to honor those members of the FB police, who have dedicated their lives to their profession. We created a very loving FB page just for those brave heroes out there and the criminals they apprehend:

Live, blog and socialize : )

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Gig Logo not Gigolo, So What Does The Name Mean?

When you come up with a business name it can make or break your business. Knowing this information I came up with the name Gig Logo. At the time of creating the name it didn't cross my mind that the url to the business website would show up as, hence the confusion with gigolo. I was busy trying to come up with a clever and fun name that described the service and was not thinking about the name in the url.

The first time a person said to me "Hey Karla, how is your web site gigolo doing?", I must confess I went into panic mode. You must understand I was a new business owner and wanted everything perfect. Plus I had just gone through labor law training with sexual harassment being a big topic. The second and third times, I was hoping it wouldn't happen but was expecting it. After a while I just started joking about it, I found the humor to my blunder.

My new answer to "How is gigolo doing?" is simply "We are doing good and we are looking for new dancers are you interested?" or something similar. After the initial shock, I say "I am kidding it's not gigolo, it's Gig Logo". Now people come up to me and say "How is your website that sounds like gigolo, Gig Logo, how is Gig Logo?". It works for me.

So why the name Gig Logo?

Well I wanted it to be a place where people could talk about their business and expertise and enlighten consumers. One of the definitions for gig is a job. I intended Gig Logo to be a place where people can talk about their jobs and not just the everyday things that they do, but how their work helps consumers.
Example: Maybe you sell insurance, and policy A is good for homeowners who live in flood areas. This is your area of expertise and you can write an article on Gig Logo about how to stay safe living in a flood area and adding a link to your own site where people can buy policy A.

The Logo in Gig Logo represents your brand, your logo, you. Gig Logo is a place where you can represent you and again not by being an annoying sales man but by becoming a trusted source of information. I think I say this in almost every article but trust is what makes a sale, would you buy a product from a company or person you didn't trust? A person who you think is just trying to get your money and doesn't care if the product helps you or not? I wouldn't and you shouldn't have to either.

That is the story behind the name. Just remember it's Gig Logo not gigolo ;)